Welcome to San Francisco Guitar School. Our school is dedicated to the education of guitar and music to all age levels and abilities. We offer local private lessons from experienced teachers, group lessons at local community centers and afterschool guitar lessons at both private and public schools in San Francisco. We also encourage monthly youth performances at local venues. The San Francisco Guitar School is also the home of the Visual Guitar Trainer (VGT). VGT is an interactive guitar education tool which makes learning fun and easy.


Paul Stefani, son of noted West Coast jazz trombonist Roy Stefani, has devoted most of his life to music. He began playing guitar at the age of 10. Paul was inspired by his father and his brother, Mark Stefani renowned jazz/blues guitarist and educator (www.visionmusic.com). Paul received his initial guitar lessons from his mother, Margaret, and continued his guitar education with his brother for most of his teenage years.

Paul Stefani received his formal guitar education under the guidance of Lawrence Ferrera, noted classical guitar teacher and performer, at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Paul continued his studies under Marc Teicholz, classical guitarist, at Hayward State University where he learned advanced pedagogy and music interpretation.

Stefani is well versed in all styles of music on both acoustic and electric guitars however considers himself an acoustic fingerstylist preferring the warm tonal qualities of the nylon stringed guitar.

Paul Stefani has taught guitar locally as a private instructor and has taught for the San Francisco Unified School District. In 2003, Paul began an afterschool guitar program for the San Francisco Catholic School District. The program was a great success and the birth of The San Francisco Guitar School began.

Since 2003, the San Francisco Guitar School has taught thousands of aspiring guitar players of all ages in numerous public and private schools as well as local community centers. Paul’s goal is to have the guitar be considered as a serious instrument in early education like the violin and piano.

Paul Stefani prides himself on his abilities and interest in computer technology. In 2008, while developing a video guitar lesson series, Paul found that it was always difficult for the student to capture exact finger positioning while watching lesson videos. From this thinking, Paul created an animated fingerboard and with insight from his brother Mark, the two launched the Visual Guitar Trainer (VGT) Lesson Series.

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