VGT's 24-HR Finger Fitness (Vol. 1) is the latest addition to our innovative VGT (Visual Guitar Trainer) lesson series, and one that is destined to have a major impact on any guitarist. Whether you're a first-year rock dude, a thirty-year veteran jazz cat, or anything in between, the Finger Fitness program will elevate your technique to newfound heights, and fast!

Just think about it... if your left and right-hand fingers were equally trained to be independant, fast, and powerful enough to execute anything on guitar and in a superior manner, what would that mean to you? Stronger vibrato, more muscular string bends, quicker shifts, snappy pull-offs, powerhouse hammers, and a right-hand capable of everything from folk fingerpicking to latin comping to chord-melody treatment to the most complicated classical passages. In other words, MONSTER CHOPS! And that's precisely what 24-HR Finger Fitness brings to your guitar table.

The program is a series of lessons on CD using our proprietary VGT player, and based on literally centuries of technical exploration by such historical luminaries as Andres Segovia, Mauro Giuliani, and Francisco Tarrega. For the first time ever, all of this priceless material is organized under one learning umbrella that will impact your guitar playing in a way that you've never experienced before. Everything that you can already play will improve dramatically through the Finger Fitness program, and anything you take on in the future will be much easier to play.

No pain, no gain. Start getting physical with our exciting new lesson series and you'll never look back. As a matter of fact, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it!

Purchase options include our VGT Disc Edition and eDelivery or VGT eDelivery only. Runs on Windows or Macintosh computer systems! Our instant eBook eDelivery option is also available which includes a PDF eBook (music with standard notation and tablature) and audio files (no lesson narrative is included with the eBook option).

Visual Guitar Trainer (VGT) Order Options (CD and/or eDelivery):

24HR Finger Fitness (Vol. 1) VGT Disc Edition & eDelivery!
Get both the CD Disc (mailed) and eDelivery featuring interacti
ve player with lesson narrative (includes PDF eBook and MP3 audio).
Retail: $50.
- Sale: $30.

24HR Finger Fitness (Vol. 1) VGT eDelivery
Instant Delivery featuring interactive player with lesson narrative
(includes PDF eBook and MP3 audio files)
Retail: $45.
- Sale: $25.

24HR Finger Fitness Vol. 1 (eBook Order Option):

24HR Finger Fitness (Vol. 1): eBook Delivery
Instant Delivery featuring PDF eBook and MP3 audio files
(no lesson narrative included)
Retail: $25.
- Sale: $15.

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