VGT's Fingerstyle Blues (Vol. 2) is a great collection of fun fingerstyle blues classics geared for the acoustic guitarist but adaptable to electric guitarist as well. The CD includes five favorites using the interactive VGT player which allows you to play at normal and half speeds. Stop, forward and rewind buttons allows you total control for isolated study. The narrative button is available on every song and gives a full explanation of the assignment.

Purchase options include our VGT Disc Edition and eDelivery or VGT eDelivery only. Runs on Windows or Macintosh computer systems! Our instant eBook eDelivery option is also available which includes a PDF eBook (music with standard notation and tablature) and audio files (no lesson narrative is included with the eBook option).

Visual Guitar Trainer (VGT) Order Options (CD and/or eDelivery):

Fingerstyle Blues (Vol. 2) VGT Disc Edition & eDelivery!
Get both the CD Disc (mailed) and eDelivery featuring interactive player with lesson narrative (includes PDF eBook and MP3 audio).
Retail: $50.
- Sale: $30.

Fingerstyle Blues (Vol. 2) VGT eDelivery
Instant Delivery featuring interactive player with lesson narrative
(includes PDF eBook and MP3 audio files)
Retail: $45.
- Sale: $25.

Fingerstyle Blues Vol. 2 (eBook Order Option):

Fingerstyle Blues (Vol. 2): eBook Delivery
Instant Delivery featuring PDF eBook and MP3 audio files
(no lesson narrative included)
Retail: $25.
- Sale: $15.

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